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9 Urban Survival Skills to Learn Before the End of the World

Urban survival skills are a lot more important to learn than most people realize. Think about it. It wasn’t that long ago where life seemed perfect and it appeared as if nothing could ever change that. We had an abundance of food; our system was working and our store shelves were filled with endless items for sale. You could walk into any hardware store and grab whatever you needed at any time. Life was good.

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And then, in the blink of an eye, all that changed. It felt like the dawn of a new beginning, one unfamiliar to most. When Covid-19 hit, the changes it brought with it, caught many off guard. And worse, it brought a new reality that we still need to acclimatize to today.

One question many are asking is, what if it gets worse? Could it get to such a level that we begin to start losing basic necessities and our infrastructure begins to collapse? Perhaps in some places, it already is. That’s why it’s more important than ever for you to learn the urban survival skills that will keep you and your family alive.

Skill #1: Scavenging

If trapped in an urban jungle, there may be a lot of places to hunt for supplies and medicines which you may not normally consider. Storage facilities, dumpsters, schools, supermarkets and pharmacies all contain various items you need to survive. A good quality Urban Scavenging Kit should be high on your list and contains a plethora of items for you to use.

Skill #2: Situational Awareness

When things go bad, they usually don’t take long to attract the wrong kind of people. That’s why it’s so important for you to understand that not everyone will be out to help you. Once the collapse has neutralized the authorities, criminal elements quickly take advantage and start fulfilling their own goals.

This is where you need to learn to notice and recognize people around you, those watching from a distance, trying to get close to you and your family. Establish escape routes early and make sure everyone knows where to meet up. Odd smells filling the air, shouts and visual cues could all indicate trouble ahead.

Skill #3: Escape

As the urban landscape collapses, other notable events will rise, such as looting, riots and gang warfare. This is where it’s critical to understand the best way to move you and your family out of harms way. It could include predetermined escape routes, meeting points that are located away from urban centers, or even just a nearby hideout. Riots are frightening events and need to be avoided at all cost. Will you escape via vehicle or on foot?

Skill #4: First Aid

Prepping is all about preparing for the unexpected and thus you will already have at the very least, a first aid kit. But will that be enough for more serious situations? Hospitals tend to overrun quickly during a significant event, rendering most medical help useless. Could you take on a few extra courses and learn more significant medical aid?

Skill #5: Mechanical Knowledge

Cars, motorbikes, trucks, vans, boats and even aircraft all rely on mechanical knowledge to keep them operating. Having a basic understanding of how engines work, could be enough to see you through most situations. A reliable vehicle in any disaster should be your primary concern, as it will move you out of harms away a lot faster than on foot. Simple weekend workshops will provide all the information you may need to fix basic issues. A compact repair kit is useful kept in a trunk.

Skill #6: Stealth

The last thing you want to do in any emergency is to draw unwanted attention to yourself. The key is to blend in and try to fit in with those surrounding you. If you appear to be in control, or worse, be in possession of items others might want, you could become a target and quickly find you and your family under siege.

Skill #7: Self Defense

While carrying weapons is a great addition to your protection, such as knives and firearms, it’s also worth noting that self-defense classes also add to your overall skills. There’s also the defense of your home, car, and family. Attacks may catch you off guard and thus relying on weapons may not be the best option.

Skill #8: Water

This is without a doubt, the most important resource for you to find. But once you find it, you also need to ensure it’s safe to drink. That’s why knowing how to clean your water through purification is so important.

Skill #9: Bartering

Chances are, you may have already experienced haggling whilst at a market, or on holiday. The art of trying to get the best deal dates back to ancient times and is a skill that needs confidence to pull off. Practice this now, as you might find yourself bartering for food and medical supplies when the world collapses. The best time to learn these unique urban survival skills is now.

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