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5 Important Things To Keep In Your Urban Bug Out Bag

These days, an urban bug out bag sounds like a must-have for everyone. This bag must contain all the essential items for surviving in a city. If you ever encounter an emergency, a natural disaster, or find yourself stranded for the night, this bag could be life-saving.

What should I carry in my urban bug out bag?

In the city, life is different than in remote or rural areas, so the items you carry will vary. However, there are essential things to keep in your bag at all times.

  • Wallet—make sure it is ready to go with your ID, some cash, and credit cards.
  • Cellphone— if you have a spare one, put it in the bag. If you don’t, place the same phone you use every day in the bag at night.
  • Portable battery—when you are forced to live outside, a portable battery is essential. Make sure you recharge it often.
  • Keys—whether it is your house keys or car keys, the spare set of both should always be in your bag.
  • USB Drive—while not everyone needs this, having a portable USB drive with all your important documents in an emergency can save your life.
  • Medications—including those that you need to take every day and a small first aid kit with over-the-counter medications.
  • Flashlight

Now that you know what it is and what to put in it, let’s go over the ideal backpack!

5 best things to keep in your urban bug out bag

Item #1: Helikon-Tex Raider backpack

This bag can hold up to 20 liters of capacity and comes with a durable handle to carry it. It also has an organizer pocket with sleeves, and removable lumbar support made of aluminum.

The Helikon-Tex Raider is great for carrying large items, but it also has a hook panel, hydration sleeve pockets, and a large zipped mesh pocket. You can also store your sunglasses, ID, and important documents separately and safely.

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This backpack is perfect as a bug out bag when it is raining or there is bad weather. The air mesh is heavily padded and it has a removable rain cover. This bag is made for adventure, but it is a bit heavy and on the pricier side.

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Item #2: Fieldline TPB002FLT-008 Tactical Alpha OPS Daypack

This lighter backpack has a large main compartment with zippered mesh pockets for holding various items. You can also use the top front accessory pocket, and the secondary compartment for extra storage. The hydration pouch can hold up to 2 liters and has Velcro closures as well.

Inside of the Fieldline TPB002FLT-008 Tactical Alpha you can find an organizer to keep your ID and other documents safe. This backpack, though, is a bit smaller, so it may not be able to hold all your equipment. It is on the lower price end, so it can be a secondary bag, or one for a smaller person.

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Item #3: 3M Personal Protective Equipment Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator

With the current situation all over the world, a respirator never seemed like a better idea. However, in any emergency, whether it is dust, fire, or even a tornado, having one of these can protect you.

This 3M Personal Reusable Respirator is made from advanced silicone material for better comfort and durability. This 3M technology makes it easier to breathe, while the dual-mode head harness keeps the respirator in place.

Finally, the exhalation valve covers the exhaled breath and keeps the moisture downward, so that no fog accumulates. If your entire family needs one, these come color-coded for easy identification when it comes to size.

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Item #4: 3M 91252-80024 Chemical Splash/Impact Goggle

These goggles are perfect for protecting you against a deadly virus, air pollution, chemicals, and more. The vents in these protect your eyes from any liquids, while the headband is also resistant to any chemical. These goggles are very affordable, so you can always buy a few and have them ready to go.

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Item #5: PREPARED4X Emergency Blanket Poncho

This dual blanket and poncho are perfect for any emergency, as it will keep you warm and protect your backpack and body from rain. You can retain up to 90% of heat with this poncho made from Mylar material.

Keep this poncho in your bug out bag at all times, and use it anytime there is an emergency. This double design is tear-resistant and big, which means it fits your backpack underneath. This product is not only lightweight but can also help you save space in your backpack, as you most likely won’t need an extra blanket. Plus, this packet has 4 ponchos in it, so your entire family is protected.

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Always be ready!

Now that you know what to put in your urban bug out bag, and what the perfect bag would look like, there is no excuse for not being prepared. Keep this bag handy and always make sure you are ready to go no matter what!