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Understanding Wild Lettuce

Wild lettuce is more than just a plant. It is a key to a history long forgotten. Just where will you turn when everything you ever knew or understood disappears? Many disasters that strike may not be on a global scale. But one may strike in the future that destroys the very core of our civilization.

One of the first things that normally collapses during any emergency is the healthcare system, hospitals, and surgeries one of the first overrun, before caving under the strain.

What will you do when this happens? Do you have a plan in place that will help you and your family deal with the medicinal shortfall? Get ready to discover wild lettuce.

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The Skills from Yesteryear

People lose an abundance of knowledge with every passing day. The knowledge accumulated through centuries of practice and used in daily life throughout history. But because we now rely on our modern way of life more and more, a lot of this information is falling by the wayside, often considered obsolete by our arrogance.

The Lost Ways is a project like no other before it. Painstakingly researched and developed through many years of work, it is a culmination of a dream. The accompanying videos reveal the many, often forgotten methods that our ancestors considered normal.

Many people had no other choice than to live self-sufficiently, with no access to electricity, internet, gas, water or even supermarkets.

While we take so much for granted these days, it wasn’t that long ago that life was very different. Have a headache? It wasn’t just a simple trip to the supermarket for a headache tablet. Medicine wasn’t what it is today, people often looking after themselves.

If some event took all of our modern conveniences away, how many of us could truly survive? How many would know how to dull a crippling toothache or deal with a broken arm? The answer is frightening.

That’s where these Lost Ways videos come in so handy, to re-educate you with the skills nearly lost to time itself. One such forgotten plant is the wild lettuce, its many medicinal properties used for centuries.

What is Wild Lettuce?

Wild lettuce is a common weed that many people have growing in their front and back yards around the world. It is a plant used as a natural pain relief for hundreds, if not, thousands of years.

The Lost Ways contains a plant considered nothing more than an annoying weed. Its inclusion is because of it’s lesser known purposes during history. The plant has remarkable pain-numbing qualities, its history dating back centuries, back to a time where there were no stores selling painkillers.

Many tribal Indians used the wild lettuce for pain relief, the plant so easily accessible. They had a specific method for extracting this highly-effective pain reliever and that is knowledge worth knowing when the apocalypse finally happens.

The type of skills and knowledge needed to survive after the collapse of civilization will mirror those our ancestors already discovered and used for many hundreds of years. It is understanding plants, just like wild lettuce, that will mean the difference between survival and struggling.

The Lost Ways Wild Lettuce Video

Have you ever had a moment where you were in such incredible pain, yet there were no pain relief tablets anywhere? I know I have. On several occasions.

Now imagine if you knew that growing right in your backyard at this very moment, is a plant that would happily stand in the tablet’s place, providing pain relief just as effectively and efficiently.

This plant will cost you nothing to procure, nothing to process and nothing to use. It is a true gift from mother nature and all you need to access this free source of pain relief is the knowledge to extract it.`

Now, how important is this information if stuck at home with a screaming child that broke their leg and there’s no medical help available?

That was the issue that faced people the world over and is where civilization no doubt, eventually ends. Too many climatic events have shown us how vulnerable we really are.

Our complacency to hide from reality and rely on our modern conveniences will prove to be our biggest threat.

That’s what makes these videos, including how to obtain a wild lettuce tincture, so invaluable. It is these lost skills that we will fall back on, to help us through times when all hope seems lost.

The Lost Ways are an invaluable source of information that will help you overcome some of the most difficult situations you may find yourself one day. They are a perfect way to actively learn how pioneers, explorers, and original tribes all survived a wilderness that proved untamed. And this information is right here for you to learn.