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Understanding Pemmican

Pemmican, found in The Lost Ways is an essential product almost lost to time. While prepping might be considered a fairly new concept, the many principles it is based on are actually older than you could ever imagine. Think about what prepping fundamentally is. It is essentially planning to survive when there is little or no support left to help us.

Isn’t that exactly what our forefathers did on a daily basis back before supermarkets were around? Isn’t that what early pioneers, settlers, and explorers did?

And how about the many thousands of tribes that survived for thousands of years before modernity gave them all the modern conveniences with which to better their lives?

That’s why The Lost Ways is such an amazing find for anyone looking for the ultimate survival guide.

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When Prepping was a Way of Life

The Lost Ways is a collection of what our forefathers used each and every day of their lives. Methods for finding, cooking and storing food that ultimately lasted for many weeks, months and even years.

Pemmican is one such method, the ancient recipe one that would bring just 3 standard ingredients together and ensure anyone would have enough food through the longest drought or the harshest winter.

It’s funny how our ancestors survived through some of the harshest conditions imaginable, living through everything mother nature could throw at them. And yet modern society considers themselves so much superior because of all the progress we have made with modern technology.

But we are only as superior as our technology allows us to be. If the apocalypse ever does strike, how many of us can say that we will truly survive, regardless of what happens.

Yes, stockpiling will help us immensely. But is it enough? Will it last long enough to ensure that we won’t starve?

That’s where The Lost Ways steps in, reminding us how to really handle survival. By showing us the ways and methods employed hundreds of years ago and keep people alive for virtually their entire lives.

Why We Have Lost Our Way and Forgotten Pemmican

As our technology becomes more and more a staple part of our lives, our self-sustaining skills continue to fall by the wayside. We rely more on our connected world now than we have ever in the past. Cell phones and the internet have changed our lives forever.

But is it a good thing? Is it better for us to have access to all the knowledge we could ever need?

The problem with technology and our reliance on a connected world is that it could come crashing down in an instant. Our entire way of life is reliant on our access to this endless source of information.

Take something like the electricity that powers our cells away and the cell is nothing more than a very useless paperweight.

That is why The Lost Ways is so important to consider. This is the kind of information that has consistently helped people survive for hundreds, if not, thousands of years.

The hint and tips that it provides will be readily available whenever you need it, regardless of the social or economic situations at the time.

Did you know that pemmican is a food source unlike anything else you may have ever used. It’s so simple to prepare, using the 3 easiest ingredients that you more than likely already have in your fridge and pantry right now.

The process takes very little effort and once completed the first time, is remembered and replicated. And that’s one of my favorite reasons for watching the entire series of videos.

The Solution to Last a Lifetime

The skills The Lost Ways shares, aren’t that difficult to master and neither is creating pemmican. They are a number of well-explained directions that you follow with relative ease and then, once finished, have an uncanny way of staying in your mind.

Our forefathers didn’t keep extensive records of how to create survival food. It was a knowledge that stayed with them forever, as much a part of their lives as switching television channels is for you.

While there are many guides that purport to hold the key to surviving an apocalypse, The Lost Ways doesn’t need to make that claim. That is because the recipes, guides and advice contained in the pages, have already proven to work for centuries, keeping entire populations alive for millennia.

There’s something special about the way our ancestors survived. While we might consider ourselves to be at the very pinnacle of human evolution, masters of an often violent and unpredictable world, are we really?

With our lack of knowledge of simple foods that grow wild all around us, plants used for medicinal purposes and processes used to prolong the supplies for months and years, who really conquered a self-sustaining life?