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Understanding Canned Meat

Could canned meat be the answer you’re looking for? There’s a reason why so many people panic when disaster strikes. It’s the same reason why so many people panic when the utilities switch off, like a power blackout or gas shortage.

It’s plain and simple planning. But go back a hundred or 200, or even 300 years and try and imagine how life must have been for our ancestors.

That is the exact reason why The Lost Ways is so important to us today. We have become so reliant on our modern way of life, that we have forgotten so many of the life-saving skills our ancestors used on a daily basis.

Supermarkets haven’t always been around. They are a product of the modern age, removing the need for people to grow their own foods, to be able to store foods longer than a few days, or to even go without shopping for a few days.

The Lost Ways is a collection of information, skills, recipes, and secrets that people used to survive life back before technology removed the need for it. It is an important tool for anyone wanting to revisit the ways of our forefathers and to rediscover lost skills so important when civilization eventually collapses.

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The Surprising Thing About Canned Meat

One staple food that provided our grandparents and great-grandparents with a virtual endless supply of meat was when it was canned. Canned meat instantly transformed into a true staple of many homes when it was first invented.

Meat wasn’t always readily available, particularly during the great depression, 2 world wars, and famines. But preparing meat and canning it for future use, revolutionized kitchens around the world. Meat in a can changed the way people thought of meat.

No longer would it only last a few days without curing or being turned into jerky or other products. No longer were people reliant on farmers or butchers to supply them with meat every few days.

Canned meat gave people the opportunity to stock up with meat and use it as they needed, time no longer a factor. Regardless of the climatic effects of winter or financial effects of the economy, meat would sit on the shelves for years, kept until such time that it was truly needed.

And that’s what The Lost Ways is here to show you. To give you the opportunity to learn such an invaluable skill, where you and your family won’t rely on the economy, or climate or panic buyers who clear the shelves of local supermarkets at the mere mention of a disaster.

Why Historical Skills are so Important

Our ancestors could go to anywhere in the country with very little supplies and carve a life out for themselves without any outside help. They would create everything they could ever need, from growing their food, to hunting for their meat and using wild-growing plants for medicines.

Knowledge like that is what The Lost Ways is all about. It is the culmination of years of research, to rediscover and bring together a vast collection of skills and knowledge that our ancestors considered nothing more than daily life.

But through our dependence on modern technology, science and convenience, our current population has all but forgotten many of the life-saving and important skills, once considered common knowledge.

Imagine a global event occurring tomorrow, one much more severe than the recent coronavirus outbreak. An event that destroyed the power grid, instantly cutting off all communication, all utilities and completely shutting down civilization.

Don’t think it could happen? A coronal mass ejection is one event that could cause such a crisis, and it would happen in the blink of an eye. It could knock all power out for years.

How would you survive? Consider how you would survive without the internet and yet it has only been truly accessible for around 25 to 30 years. Electricity has only been around for a little over 150 years.

How did our ancestors ever manage to survive? And yet they did. They flourished without modern conveniences because each of them understood how to grow food, how to plan for hard winters, famines and unseasonable weather that doesn’t produce crops.

Learning Now is More Important than Later

There is never a better time to learn a new skill than right now. Tomorrow might just be too late. If you knew how to provide enough food for you and your family in a way that was simple, clean, affordable and fool-proof, wouldn’t you jump at it?

The Lost Ways is the result of meticulous research that brings back the valuable skills used by our forefathers.

Food in a can may not seem as being such an important skill and yet it’s that very knowledge that helped soldiers fight through an entire world war, whole families survive a great depression and for many, a way to plan for leaner times.