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Quick Egg Salad to Avoid Those Rushed Lunches [Recipe]

Make this quick egg salad and forget about having to plan your lunch every day. We all know how stressful work can be, so why not try to make lunch much easier?

You will not only feel satisfied, but you will also have the opportunity to eat this as a dinner, snack, or as a side dish later in the week. In fact, your family will also be able to enjoy this quick and easy meal.

This Quick Egg Salad is Perfect for a No-Hassle Lunch

Let’s talk about the main ingredient: bring out the eggs!

As the name suggests, the eggs in this recipe are everything, but they are also not necessarily essential if you want a vegan choice.

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You can use tofu, chickpea, or potatoes. While the flavor will taste similar, with some mixing, the texture will be similar, too.

It is time to get the rest of the ingredients ready

Mayonnaise acts as a binding and creamy agent in egg salad, but it can be replaced with vegan mayonnaise or even plain Greek yogurt. You may need to add a bit more salt and pepper, as these options aren’t as salty.

As for the pickle relish, this one is a personal choice. You can swap it out for onions, green or black olives, green peas, or cherry tomatoes.

The dry mustard and cayenne pepper adds the final seasoning that this salad needs. You can use other ingredients, however, like cumin, paprika, sage, chives, or onion powder.

If you can’t find dry mustard, use the leftover one in your fridge. Just make sure you start slowly, so as not to overpower the flavor.

Once ready, mix your ingredients, and serve with bread as a sandwich, or with toast, and even as a side dish.

So, what are you waiting for? It is time to make this week’s lunch easier and tastier. 

Quick Egg Salad

Course: Salads


  • 6 hard-boiled eggs

  • 1/2 cup (64 g) mayonnaise

  • 1 tsp dry mustard

  • 1 tbsp sweet pickle relish

  • dash of cayenne pepper

  • salt and pepper


  • Shred the eggs using a cheese grater.
  • Get a medium-sized bowl and combine the shredded eggs with the rest of the ingredients. Mix well.
  • Best served with crackers, in a salad, or as a sandwich filling.
  • Enjoy!