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10 Things to Include in Your INCH Bag

An INCH bag is not a bug-out bag. Let’s get that part straight from the start. Bug Out Bags, also known as 3-day bags, carry enough supplies for a person to survive for around three days, or 72 hours. They contain enough water, food, and survival gear to keep you alive for the initial stretch of time after an incident.

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But INCH bags are different, because INCH stands for “I’m Never Coming Home”. That means whatever is held inside them, is all you have when the shit really hits the fan. These are the bags you carry when you know there’s no coming back. So, what do they consist of?

Item #1 Quality Backpack

Let’s face it. If you plan to leave home and never come back, the bag containing everything you own should be the most important decision you ever make. Because if this one fails, it will leave the rest of your items lying in the dirt. A good-quality hiking bag has the strength and reliability to hold most of the things you need to survive.

Item #2 Water Supply

Whilst emergency water packs may be suitable for a bug-out bag, they are not the type of water for an INCH bag. You need a more long-term solution, such as purification methods, filters, and the knowledge on how to find water in the first place. If you plan to remain on the road for the majority of your time, having a steady source of water will be imperative. If you plan to set up at a new location, water storage may be the first priority for you.

Item #3 Fishing Gear

Whether there are rivers, lakes, or even the ocean, these will provide a steady source of food for you, with fish one of nature’s best sources of protein. Catching it first may prove to be the hard part. But thankfully, with the right equipment, you will make short work out of it, by keeping the right set of tools close by. It doesn’t even need to be anything too fancy, just a simple kit being more than sufficient to keep you and your family fed.

Item #4 Animal Traps

Whilst fishing may seem the obvious choice, perhaps there’s no access to water where you are. Maybe setting some traps around the place, in order to catch small animals for food, is your only option. These traps make for a great alternative and won’t take up a lot of space in your INCH bag.

Item #5 Ferro Rod

Regardless of where you go, there’s one element, aside from water, that you will need and that’s fire. Whether for warmth, security from animals, or to cook your food, a fire will be a lifesaver when you really need it. Ferro rods are one of the most reliable ways of starting any camp fire and thus earn their place in your INCH bag every time.

Item #6 Shovel

And not just any shovel. What you want is a good quality survival shovel that incorporates 18 tools into one compact piece which stores easily in your bag. This option provides everything you need to ensure you dig your way out of trouble when you need to. From protecting yourself from water, storing food, or even for building discreet fires, a shovel should never be underestimated.

Item #7 Lighting

The problem with an INCH bag is that it’s permanent, so anything electrical that uses batteries is immediately useless. What you need here is either solar-powered or hand-powered. Torches and general camp lighting is useful for a whole host of situations and if you keep these handy, will see you through plenty of dark times.

Item #8 First Aid

While room in your bag is limited and you won’t want to fit an entire prepper’s first aid kit, some compact options contain enough supplies to keep you going for a long time. There are enough supplies to see you through nicks and cuts, sprains, and even burns. Just don’t expect a hospital in a bag and you should be fine. If there’s no antibiotic cream, be sure to add some, as it will come in very handy.

Item #9 Hat

A wide-brimmed hat is super important and while you may choose to wear it from the get go, it’s worth ensuring you have one. It will protect you from the elements, both during a storm, plus out in the sun and will provide good protection when you need it most.

Item #10 Slingshot

The good thing about slingshots is that you never run out of ammo. Any small pebble will work and this one tool can provide you with a host of things when the situation calls for it. Everything from hunting, self-protection and even entertainment to keep your mind off things. 

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