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3 Factors for Choosing Your Perfect Concealed Carry Backpack

When choosing a concealed carry backpack, there are certain considerations you need to think about before making your final decision. The backpack you eventually choose will need to fit in with several important factors, all of which will be specific to you.

These types of backpacks make for perfect bug out bags, as they give you a specialized compartment for hiding your firearm. Without such a specific spot, you may be left fumbling for your weapon during a very critical moment.

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It’s only by having one of these specially-made backpacks that the advantage swings back into your favor.

Bug out bags play an enormously valuable role within any prepper’s plans. They provide a way to keep some very important supplies handy, ready at a moment’s notice in case things kick-off.

Emergencies tend to strike with very little warning and with a pre-packed bug out bag ready to go, you’ll save valuable minutes that would otherwise be spent searching for survival gear.

While not every state will allow the concealment of weapons, those that do, give preppers located in those areas a definite plus in their defensive arsenal. Personal protection is just as important as some of the other equipment and supplies you’ll carry, if not more.

Your weapon may be all you’ll have to ensure you’re the one that continues to carry them, instead of someone bent on stealing them from you.

What is a bug out bag?

If you aren’t familiar with the term “bug out bag”, it’s a bag designed to hold all of your survival gear and rations until such time as an emergency occurs where you’ll need to act fast. There’s a great article right here for you to get a better understanding of them.

Bug out bags hold everything from emergency water rations to food rations, survival gear, first aid, and medications, as well as limited shelter supplies. In short, they hold a ton of stuff to keep you alive throughout a significant event.

Don’t forget, disasters are extremely unpredictable and if one was to strike, the time you have to make your escape may only be a minute or 2.

If you had a single bag tucked away somewhere easily accessible, you would be out of your door, carrying everything you need to survive in a matter of seconds. It is that kind of scenario that makes bug out bags so important.

But while bug out bags could be anything from an old shopping bag to a traveling suitcase, the bag you choose should meet the demands of its intended purpose.

How to Choose the Perfect Concealed Carry Backpack

Not everyone is going to want one of these. The reason is, not everyone has access to a firearm. Handguns are a great way to vastly increase your personal defense capability and if you have the means to get your hands on one, these types of backpacks are perfect.

The last thing you want is to draw attention to yourself. If people see you carrying a firearm, two things will happen. Firstly, they may think that you are protecting something they may need, such as the supplies you’re carrying, or they’ll want to get hold of your firearm for their own defense.

Either way, displaying a handgun paints a great big target on your back that may lead to more conflict than you intended.

By choosing the right kind of backpack, you’ll avoid unnecessary attention, while still keeping your goods safe. But choosing the right kind of bag will come down to how well you pull this feat off.

The wrong type may cause more headaches than is worth it. Here are 3 things to consider when choosing your concealed carry backpack.

Tip #1: Quick Access

Your firearm is going to be of very little use if you have to spend 10 minutes combing through your gear to find it. Having quick access will place your handgun in your hands with very little effort, giving you a split-second edge over your enemies.

While some bags have side compartments with zippers that give easy access, others choose to conceal your weapon in an internal compartment. As long as you have the ability to reach for your weapon with minimal interference, your good to go.

Tip #2: Size

Not every handgun is the same size and for that reason, different backpacks offer different sized concealment compartments. Be sure to measure up your chosen backpack before you hand over your cash.

Tip #3: Functionality

Think about all the ways you intend to use your bag. If you’ll be using the backpack for outdoor use, buy one that offers water-proofing.

If you intend to carry your bag to work or college, will you need extra space for your laptop, books or other items? Think about everything you’ll use it for so it fits your needs better.