Chicken and Rice Salad For a Low-Effort Lunch |

Chicken and Rice Salad For a Low-Effort Lunch [Recipe]

We don’t always have the time to plan for lunch, so this chicken and rice salad can be a great solution.

Whether it is a quick lunch, a weeknight dinner, or even just a snack on a busy day, you will love how easy this recipe is.

If You Hate Planning, This Chicken and Rice Salad Is Perfect For You

What is so great about this chicken and rice salad?

For starters, it uses only those ingredients that you already have. The chicken, while a key part, can be replaced. If you have leftover chicken, turkey, or ham, use it!

If you only have canned tuna, that can work too. The important part is that you drain the meat well. You can also use canned ham or Spam if you are running low on energy and groceries.

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As for the rice, we recommend you use regular white rice. But it can be leftover rice that you repurpose, or it can be any other grain that you enjoy.

Some good substitutes include barley, bulgur wheat, couscous, and quinoa. You can even mix and match for new flavors and textures.

What about the actual greens?

This recipe uses lettuce, spinach, or sprouts. These are very tasty and easy to find greens, but there are times when they may not be available. If that is the case, consider using kale or mustard greens.

Though if a trip to the grocery store is out of the question, use green beans, broccoli, or asparagus, whether canned or frozen, it doesn’t matter.

That’s it?

Well, you still have to season the salad. In this case, lemon juice, cumin, and pepper are more than plenty. Some people, however, prefer more flavors. Consider adding red pepper flakes, Italian seasoning, and maybe some cilantro.

If you like dressings, why not use them now? Even a creamy ranch or a zesty Italian will fit well here.

Now, that is it! You are done with this chicken and rice salad and are ready to go on with your day without worrying about another meal.

Chicken and Rice Salad


  • 1 can 12.5 oz (approx 312 g) chunk chicken, drained

  • 2 cups (256 g) cooked white rice

  • 3 cups (384 g) chopped lettuce, spinach or sprouts

  • 2 tbsp ground cumin

  • 1 tbsp lemon juice

  • 2 tsp lemon pepper seasoning


  • Get a large bowl and combine all the ingredients together.
  • Mix well, and serve immediately.
  • Enjoy!