Survival & Bug Out

There’s more to preparing for a disaster than just storing some food and water. Ultimate Prepping Guide (UPG) have accumulated a lot of articles to help you survive the next disaster and ensure the safety of you and your family.

It takes proper planning and guidance to prepare for a disaster, regardless of its size. Whether a small localized event or a full-on end of days, the chances of surviving such an event increase substantially the more you plan now.

This section will show you what tools to put away, what bugging out really means and where to go once disaster strikes. The chances are high that the event will damage property and if it does, you’ll want an effective escape plan in place, one that will see you and your family safely bug out to another location.

But what to pack, how to pack it and how to get it to the new location are all questions that will need answering well before an event hits your area. That’s why UPG have painstakingly scoured the net, to bring together proper, straight-to-the-point information you can use to build a plan of survival.

Get advice on everything from what to include in your bug out bag, what to take with you and where to take shelter when none seems available. We show you the important steps to take to ensure your family avoids being robbed and what you can do to ensure your never without food again.

When a disaster strikes, panic, crime and civil unrest will all increase to unprecedented levels. The best decision you can make right now is to plan to survive when it strikes. With UPG beside you, together we can help you create a survival guide that works. It’s never too late to start.