General Knowledge

While food and water for emergency situations might be important, as are the skills needed to navigate your way through a very different world once a disaster strike. Civil unrest, mass panic, skyrocketing crime will all increase substantially once the system collapses and that’s where vital information is going to mean the difference between becoming a victim and surviving.

Ultimate Prepping Guide (UPG) have scoured the internet to bring you the most up-to-date information on how best to prepare for an impending disaster. And the disaster could be any size, from a small local event to a full-on apocalypse that spells the end of days for society.

But how you well you and your family survive this new world will depend on much planning and preparation you put in now. The time you spend today, to find out what skills you’ll need, and which ones can help those around you, are going to set the foundation for your place.

Will you be someone highly sought after because of your knowledge in this new time, or someone vulnerable, relying on the kindness of others to get through. The difference could be as simple as knowing what to barter for the supplies you need. Bartering skills during a disaster period could spell the difference between eating food and needing food.

The articles in this section of UPG are there to help you plan for the worst possible situations that you might find yourself in. They are there to guide you to survive through some scary situations and to keep you ahead of the game. Use the advice in these pages to better prepare for whatever the future might hold for all of us and know that no matter what, you prepped to survive.