Energy & Communication

While a lot of attention of preppers is normally focused on emergency water and food supplies, there are 2 other key areas worth noting, both holding significant importance.

On one hand, energy requirements during a significant disaster will be more important than other times, powering important appliances to keep you and your family safe. The energy is also important to power communication devices, some of which relying on direct power to function.

Sadly, electricity is one of the first utilities lost in any major event, whether it’s a natural or man-made one. Given some cities and rural towns still use above-ground power lines, it’s not difficult to see how easily the supply stops.

And while the electricity supply stops first, communication lines quickly follow with many modern forms of communication relying on power to drive them.

Cell phones rely on communication towers all powered by electricity. The internet ceases to function without power, leaving many without any forms of communication to contact emergency services, family or friends.

While batteries will power some forms of communication temporarily, it won’t take long for them to drain, effectively turning into extravagant paperweights. Once battery power is diminished and there’s no way to recharge them, they may as well not exist.

The following articles are an exciting mixture of possible solutions that anyone can use to create endless supplies of power. Use this power to fire up lights, heaters, coolers, refrigerators, freezers, recharge batteries and many other uses.

Electricity is such a valuable resource; people often forget just how much they rely on it during a normal day. But experiencing a minor blackout is enough to show many just how quickly its loss impacts on everyday necessities. The thought of losing all forms of electricity when you need it most is a truly scary prospect.