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8 Options for the Best Survival Watch for You

Owning the best survival watch is a great start for any prepper. The idea that a timepiece as useful as the ones on this list are within easy reach, makes them such a simple choice when trying to put together your bugout bag. The more tools your watch holds, the fewer items you need to pack in your bag. And that’s the perfect solution, isn’t it?

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The hardest question for you will be whether to go for something affordable over expensive, whether the watch is durable enough to stand up to punishment, and the exact benefits it offers to a seasoned prepper like yourself. Check out the following list and make your own mind up. They aren’t in any specific order, so feel free to check them all out before making a decision.

The 8 Best Survival Watches For You

Option #1: G-Shock Mudman Compass

Anything carrying the name G-Shock is bound to be tough, the brand synonymous with producing some of the toughest timepieces on the planet. With an impressively-huge catalog of items, it may not always be a simple task to find something suitable.

With an impressive line-up of features, here’s a real candidate for your attention. Boasting one of the toughest cases on the list, the shock resistance is second to none. Includes a digital compass, thermometer, moon graph, as well as solar charging and you’re pretty much good to go.

Check it out on Amazon =>G-Shock Mudman Compass

Option #2: Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master Series

With a name like Bear Grylls behind it, you that this watch must sport something special. And it really does. Not only does it look the part, have the legend’s name and face behind it, but also packs an almighty punch in the versatility department.

With a built-in compass, 300m water resistance and SOS in morse code, this watch is built to last whatever punishment you feel you need to throw at it. It’s hands-down one of the best looking survival watch on the list and something worth checking out.

Check it out on Amazon =>Luminox Bear Grylls Survival Master Series

Option #3: TecHong 6 in 1 Outdoor Survival Bracelet Watch

Whilst the brand may not be something you’ve heard of before, the watch more than makes up for doubt, fitting into its tiny frame what some might consider an entire survival kit. While it might already look the part, wait until you see what lies hidden beneath the hood.

Not only does it tell the time on an attractive watch face, it also includes a built-in whistle, a compass, a scraper which is suitable to use as an emergency knife, parachute cord and a magnesium rod that’s perfect for sparking your own camp fires. What else could you possibly need?

Check it out on Amazon =>Techong 6 in 1 Outdoor Survival Watch

Option #4: S-Shock Sports Watch

Known as a military watch, this is almost identical to another well-known brand. But what I like about this one is that the appearance is a little more on point. I think when something looks the part and has enough features to hold its own, it’s definitely worth mentioning. It features dual time, 50m water resistance, tough casing, chronograph and a complete calendar.

Check it out on Amazon => S-Shock Sports Watch

Option #5: G-Shock Rangeman

Another one from the G-Shock catalog, this one being packed with enough features into its rock-solid frame. You know with G-Shock there’s always something unique and this watch delivers on every level.

It’s a solar-powered watch which includes a barometer, thermometer, 200m water resistance, compass, sunrise and sunset date, time stamp, auto led, stop watch, calendar, 5 alarms and more. Pretty impressive line-up, right?

Check it out on Amazon =>G-Shock Rangeman

Option #6: Wejie Outdoor Survival Watch 6 in 1

Another 6 in 1 and this one from our friends over at Wejie. Designed with the rugged outdoors in mind, this is one I truly love, perfect for any prepper unsure of which way to lean. This is one of those watches that has more secrets hidden than an Agatha Christie novel, so be prepared for an overload of tools. Includes a Firestarter, whistle, umbrella rope, compass, alarm clock, scraper and more.

Check it out on Amazon =>Wejie Outdoor Survival Watch

Option #7: Suunto Core All Black Military Watch

From the good team at Suunto, here’s a sleek and simple design that will surprise you with some of its core features. Sometimes, a watch doesn’t need a whole range of tools, as long as it has the right tools which work. It includes a compass, thermometer, weather tracker, altimeter, barometer and compass and boy do these features work well.

Check it out on Amazon =>Suunto Core All Black Military Watch

Option #8: Palada Digital Tactical Watch

Proven to be one of the more popular brands, this watch has a lot of features that will suit any prepper looking for a unique timepiece. Even if you have never heard of this brand, I challenge you to check it out and see if it doesn’t tick most boxes you can imagine. Water-resistant, clear display on a super clear dial, chronograph, calendar. 

Check it out on Amazon =>Palada Digital Tactical Watch

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