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Best Survival Food Bars: 4 of the Best Survival Food Bars in The Market

When ever you think of the best survival food bars on offer, what comes to mind? Is it fancy advertising? Visions of men trolling through mountain settings. Maybe a rifle slung over their back as they chew on a ration bar? Or is it the scientific formula used to decide the perfect calorie-controlled portion of food? Specially created to be used during a heightened sense of survival?

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The truth is, none of that really matters when the proverbial hits the fan. It’s every person for themselves. It’s not going to matter whether the emergency ration bar was approved by a famous Hollywood celebrity. Or whether the wrapper had pretty colors and a science-looking graph that explains how it will save you from long-term fatigue or depression. Or any other number of things for that matter.

What is really going to matter when an emergency situation arises are two things. These two things will be at the forefront of your mind. Will the food still be edible? Will it satisfy the hunger cravings you’ve been carrying for the past several days as you’ve made your way to your hidden food stock pile.

There are quite literally hundreds of options on the market right now when it comes to emergency ration bars. The prices for the best survival food bars can range a long way. From just a few cents for some, to a hefty price tag per serving for others. The difference between them may not always be about what’s inside the wrapper. Maybe it’s about what is written on the wrapper itself. It may also come down to the person holding the bar up for the camera in the advertising material. Here are the ones I suggest you seek out-

Option #1: Nature’s Juice Bar

This emergency ration bar is one of the leading front-runners in this category. The packaging ensures this food source is always at the ready and will remain in tip-top condition for up to 32 months. That’s quite a shelf life for a food type of this variety. It’s made with real fruit and contains a vast number of nutrients and vitamins. This gives you some of the finest nutrition possible when the world decides to end.

Because of it’s stability and preservative-free creation, this is one bar that is always ready to go, regardless of where you find yourself. It’s easily packed and stored, lightweight and ready to consume with no notice required. And if gluten is something you need to consider, then make this your choice, with Nature’s Juice bar completely gluten free.

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Option #2: Mayday Emergency Food Bar

Coming from one of the industry’s leading manufacturers, this emergency bar packs in everything you need in order for you to survive the next apocalyptic event. Each bar packs a whopping 3600 calories, which gives you loads of energy from such a small and simplistic meal. The great thing about these bars is that you can also choose different caloric content, so if you need less energy, Mayday will have the perfect option for you.

One of the things that grabs me immediately with these bars is the shelf life. Mayday bars offer a full 5-year shelf life from the manufacturing date, which is plenty of time for you to prepare for the end of the world when it happens. Five years into any event should give you enough time to devise new and replenishing forms of food, which is where this bar will support you along the way.

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Option #3: SOS Emergency Ration Bar

Coming from another well-known supplier of quality emergency supplies, these bars provide everything the wanting prepper could ask for. Presented in vacuum-sealed mylar bags, these bars offer a huge 3600 calories per bar, making it the perfect fall-back ration pack for anyone. And if flavor is high on your list, there’s no denying that the delicious coconut and cinnamon combination is just perfect.

This manufacturer offers a complete 5-year shelf life from the date of manufacturing, giving you a vast amount of time to enjoy these bars. Shelf life is important, especially when talking about the end of the world and these bars will give you the highest quality food possible.

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Option #4: Grizzly bear Emergency Food Rations

Coming to us with a huge 3600 calories per serving portion, these bars are a fine offering from the folks over at Grizzly Bear. These bars come with pre-measured 400-calorie portions, which are great if you have small children in your group. Each bar has been enriched with a delicious lemon flavor, plus extra vitamins and minerals, exceeding what the RDA suggests.

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Final Thoughts

Food is important when determining your needs for a survival situation. The best survival food bars shown above go a long way to giving you some easy breathing room. They simplify nutritional needs in the opening stages of any event.