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My name is Nigel Lawson and I have seen first-hand what happens when everything falls apart. As a 25-year veteran of search and rescue missions, the same phrase kept going through my mind at nearly every disaster zone I attended.

“If only people had been prepared.”

I started looking into preparing for disasters back in early 2005; the Boxing Day Tsunami still fresh in everyone’s mind. I’d never given the idea much of a thought before that one, always sure that it would happen elsewhere.

I know it was the wrong attitude but like so many that day, the Boxing Day Tsunami really woke me up. That was the day I knew that this really could happen anywhere on the planet and it affected me enough to start investigating.

What I discovered was that there was a lot more to it then just simply packing a bag. It wasn’t just keeping it tucked away in the back of the closet. I found that a real science existed behind the movement, many people also attracted to “prepping” for disaster.

One of the first things I did, after deciding to become a prepper, was to change my way of thinking. I kept coming across the term “prepping for disaster” when in fact, I felt like I was doing the exact opposite.

What I was doing, by getting things ready for a cataclysmic event, was prepping for survival. But survival didn’t seem the right term either, prepping appearing as much more than just surviving.

Nigel Lawson | Ultimate Prepping GuidePrepping is a plan; a contingency plan that waits for the end of times and kicks instantly into high-gear. While survivalists learn how to overcome most situations and survive, we as preppers take the idea to the extreme.

While a survivalist might survive a few days lost in the wilderness, preppers will build a home. They’ll construct a farm and a defensive line with the goods that have been prepared and stored for years.

Together with my wife, Barbara, and our 2 boys, Aiden and Dylan, we made the move to the middle of Texas. There we set up and prepared our perfect location.

While we found the climate perfect for our plans, the density of the local population is what drew us here, the wide-open space looking picture-perfect. Plus, the fact Barbara’s family lived in Houston may have had a helping hand to convince her.

But prepping for myself wasn’t enough. I remember all those people I had seen during my many tours, all left with practically nothing but the clothes on their backs. Those memories have brought me here.

This website is to try and share what I can, so many more will never have to say “I wasn’t prepared.” With these pages I hope to open your eyes and help you prepare for the possibility.

Be prepared!