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3 Reasons Why the Backyard Revolution is Critical to Know

Disasters are bad. It’s no secret and a certain driving force for many people who actively try to prepare ahead of one striking them. But not all events that impact you and your family’s way of life occur on such a huge scale. That’s why the Backyard Revolution is so critical to know about now.

It’s no secret that prepping for disasters is sometimes responsible for causing some tunnel vision. It’s true. I know, because I’ve been just as guilty, focusing on the main event and forgetting about the little things that can happen along the way.

We rely on our modern way of life so much these days, that if something was to interrupt it, even for just a few hours, we feel the effects immediately. Think back to the last time your home lost power.

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The blackout may have only continued for a few hours. But how helpless did you feel throughout it? No television, no lights or Xbox. If your cell was already low on power, were you nervous waiting for the juice to come back on so you could charge it back up?

How Important is Electricity?

I remember reading somewhere that humans have a natural habit of wanting what they haven’t got. It makes sense, the imperfection maybe responsible for giving us the drive and ambition to reach and receive the unattainable.

But it also makes sense to instantly miss something you don’t realize you need until it’s taken from you. Just like when electricity is taken from your home. I know whenever a blackout hits my home, I’m completely lost, walking around in a near daze, unsure of what to do next.

But what if that blackout didn’t just last for a few hours, but for a few days? Or how about several weeks? Don’t think it could happen?

Whether the power grid shuts off or not, the Backyard Revolution is here and ready to make sure that if it does, the impact will be a lot less hurtful to you, if you prepare yourself now. And that’s the key here. Preparing for things ahead of time.

I know there are a lot of things to prepare ahead of time. Water and food are far more important to manage ahead of time, the two crucial for both short-term and long-term survival. Electricity is another incredible resource to have, though. It provides a lot more than just simple power.

Electricity gives us our way of life in a way like no other time in history. From simple heating, cooking, communication devices and entertainment purposes. It keeps the food cold in your refrigerator, frozen in your freezer and can preserve the food you have through food dehydration with a dedicated dehydrator.

The electricity running your house now isn’t something that’s a guaranteed endless resource.

What is the Backyard Revolution?

Electricity. Clean, self-created electricity made right in your own backyard. See that plug on your wall? The one with the little switch next to it? Despite many people believing that it is a direct connection to an infinite supply of electricity, it is not.

Why It is Critical to Know

Reason #1: Things go wrong

There are a huge number of things that go wrong on a daily basis. Anyone of them could interrupt the energy supplied to your home, effectively rendering most of your home’s appliances useless in an instant. It is this reliance on the power grid that has taken our ability to support ourselves.

Reason #2: Be Self-Sufficient

It wasn’t that long ago that a family needed very little in order to live a happy and fruitful life. They grew their own food, supplied their own entertainment and hunted the meat to replenish their stocks. Trips to the store were rare and seen as a real treat. Even their clothing was often self-made and definitely home-repaired.

Slowly over time, we moved away from the fields and began to live in cities that grew larger by the day. It was here in these cities that supplies were plentiful, always available to those who sought them. But as our dependence on these things grew, our knowledge for looking after ourselves diminished.

Reason #3: It’s Simple and Affordable

The Backyard Revolution is a system designed by someone who needed to remind people that you don’t have to rely on anybody when it comes to electricity. It is a simple and affordable method of creating a device that generates power for your home.

The great thing with this design is that it doesn’t require a lot of room, nor is it installed where everybody can see it.

If you have the will and foresight to recognize the importance of electricity and its many uses around your home, then take the next step and discover how you can guarantee to supply it to your home and family whenever times call for it.