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3 Reasons the Ultimate Energizer Guide is Crucial for Your Bug Out

A disaster doesn’t have to happen in your backyard in order to affect you. Disasters have struck in the past that have been on a global scale, affecting the entire world. With today’s world so dependent on modern technology, losing your electricity supply will quickly turn your modern world into a literal nightmare. Unless you have the Ultimate Energizer Guide.

Once the disaster knocks the power out, the next thing to go is the pumps that pump the water to your home. It knocks your internet out and also the phone. Whilst you might have a generator or 2 as a backup, they run on fuel, a resource that will also eventually run out.

With no electricity and no fresh water pumped to your home, it will take minimal time for your world to come crashing down. Whilst a lot of people plan for disasters by building sufficient stocks of water and food, how much simpler would life be if you could only keep the power running?

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Reasons Why the Ultimate Energizer Guide is Important

Reason #1: Electricity Can Save You

Electricity plays more of a part in your life than you probably realize. Consider your home right now if the power suddenly went out this very second.

I know that the moment a blackout hits my own home, there’s a brief moment of silence as the situation kind of permeates around the home. There’s a brief moment of quiet where everyone in the home freezes, as if absorbing the situation.

Now imagine that the power supply isn’t just cut from your home, but your entire city. No pumps working, cutting off water to homes and power to fuel the pumps at gas stations.

Your faucets stop working, the toilet is useless and every appliance that isn’t battery-operated sits silent. All forms of communication are dead, unless you happen to have hand-held radios. If you don’t have a decent supply of fresh water, your time will be very limited.

A steady supply of power will recharge your devices like cell phones, batteries, radios and CB’s if you have them. They power up your appliances and give you the ability to pump and filter your water supply if needed, power your lighting and even your car if you have an electric one.

Reason #2: Electricity Will Heat and Cool You

But what if it’s the middle of a nasty winter? What if your only source of heating was a space heater or some other form that relied on electricity? Heating, cooking, lighting are all lost during a blackout. Now imagine that there’s no timeline for the power to return.

Climate is a tough obstacle for many. Think of recent heatwaves and the number of people who perished because of them. Summer heat is dangerous to many, especially those unable to leave their homes during a crisis. The elderly and very young need a cool place to rest.

Heat also increases water consumption, increasing sweating and the loss of valuable electrolytes. Your emergency food and water rations will shrink rapidly if the temperature outside rises too much.

Winter might be the other end of the scale but the outcome of unprotected people is the same. Many will die when left to face the freezing temperatures of a harsh winter. Open fireplaces rely on an endless supply of timber and that may not be possible, particularly if you are in an urban location.

The Ultimate Energizer Guide is a valuable gift that has the capability of providing an unlimited supply of clean energy to run your heaters and coolers alike. It’s a remarkable piece of engineering that you need to see to believe.

Reason #3: Electricity Will Feed You

Long-term food storage supplies are designed to survive for a long time. But unless you’re prone to eating raw food from a can forever, there will come a time when you will need something cooked. Heat is not only good for turning your dough into bread or batter into pancakes.

An electric stove, running off the power provided by the Ultimate Energizer Guide provides all the power you will ever need to cook your supplies. Heating food not only changes some foods into edible meals, but it also kills many of the bacteria that grow in our food, preventing you from getting sick.

Any animals that you kill for food may contain harmful bacteria that can kill you. In particular, think of the salmonella that can live inside birds. Uncooked chicken is deadly and unless its cooked thoroughly, is inedible.

The System You Need

The Ultimate Energizer Guide is a valuable piece of technology that you need to have. It will provide you with something that many people will scream for if ever caught in a disaster. Plan to survive by checking it out now.