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13 Top Bartering Supplies to Stock for a Financial Crash

Would you know what bartering supplies you really need in the event of some horrible disaster striking? Have you ever wondered just how easily life can fall over and struggle to pick itself up again?

Our way of life has become so dependent on the modern technologies that surround us, that it’s difficult to remember a time before them.

But as the technology has grown, our overall world has shrunk, small enough that an event on the other side of the world could affect our very existence on this side of it.

And that’s the problem. While many of us call developed countries home, it is us that will fall the hardest in the event of a financial crash.

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Thankfully, there are some alternatives people turn to when the economy takes a dive. Cash won’t always be a safe option to fall back on and when that happens, it will be the items you stock that will become your new source of wealth.

What is Bartering?

While money itself has a tendency to rise and fall in value, the goods you hold in your hand won’t. What an apple is worth today, will still be worth tomorrow. Bartering is the ability to exchange goods or services that you possess, for those that someone else holds.

Think of one farmer who grows chickens while another grows beans. A chicken might be worth a couple of buckets of beans and if both parties agree, they exchange one for the other.

But some goods will always hold value above all others, their demand never declining. The following list of items is a great shopping list for when you feel a financial crash coming on.

While some might seem a little more extravagant than others, never underestimate the need of another person.

What you might consider a luxury, others might see as a necessity. With a list as varied as the one below, I’m sure you will find an assortment of items you could safely put away and keep for such an event.

Prepper barter supplies will be some of the most sought-after goods anywhere, once the SHTF.

These Are the Bartering Supplies to Stock Up On

The following bartering supplies are easily ascertained from most supermarkets and hardware stores. They don’t take a lot of cash to acquire and will last for a long time. Keep them handy for when you need to engage in barter trade.

Item #1: Alcohol

aluminum beer kegs

In the history of the world, has there ever been a more popular item to trade? Alcohol will always be at the top of the demand list. While it might have some other significant uses, such as sterilizing wounds, nothing compares to the resource that helps people escape from reality.

Some people would rather starve than give up their access to alcohol. It will always take precedence over other items. Did you know alcohol sales actually increase after any significant event? It’s the number one escape for most people and its demand will never dwindle.

Item #2: Cigarettes/Tobacco

Tobacco products command just as much value as alcoholic products. Early pioneers often used tobacco to trade with each other, with indigenous cultures and with merchants looking to trade their own wares.

The demand for tobacco hasn’t diminished with age, still popular as a barter trade item. It is the number one traded item inside any prison in the world, prisoners often breaking packets or pouches down to increase their value.

Item #3: Food

Once the financial crash really takes hold, the first thing that many people will struggle to find is food. While some will prefer to drown their sorrows with alcohol, families will still need nutrition.

Most supermarkets only keep around 3 or 4 days’ worth of stock, their shelves quickly running out once panic-buying sets in.

While fresh food might not be an option to keep long-term, dehydrating fruits and vegetables will ensure they survive far beyond their normal shelf life. Storing these types of foods will give you a very exchangeable and valued commodity during times of need. If you haven’t purchased a dehydrator, check some of these out.

Item #4: Chocolate

Photo of chocolate bars

While alcohol and tobacco products will always have their customers, so does this little treat. Chocolate addiction is very real and while it’s known to release endorphins that promote a sense of happiness, chocolate is another momentary escape.

Item #5: Coffee

This one item is the largest and most sought-after substance on the planet, making it perfect to include in our list of bartering supplies. Coffee and caffeine-related products will remain in demand regardless of the circumstances. More people will seek this product out when the coffee shops close, so prepare to sell out very quickly.

The other good thing about coffee is that it has a shelf life of up to 20 years when in instant form. The way it’s packaged will also determine its longevity, but if you intend to store if for safekeeping, you’ll know how to store it properly anyway.

Item #6: Toilet Paper

If there’s one thing that will never change its people’s need to go. Regardless of the circumstances, no one wants to resort to sticks and leaves, especially the ladies. Although the elements may affect it, proper storage will keep this stuff fresh for many years to come.

Item #7: Personal Hygiene Products

Bottles of disinfectants, hand sanitizer and iodine solution

This is where the masses will turn to when the lights go out. Shampoo, soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, and deodorants will all be needed, especially if you live within a community. Let’s face it, no one likes to smell.

But don’t forget about some of the more needy products either, like tampons and sanitary napkins. Nature isn’t going to stop just because civilization has.

Item #8: Condoms

Speaking of civilization, not everyone is going to want to restart the human race. There will be plenty of people who won’t be too keen to repopulate the earth once the apocalypse passes.

Item #9: Disposable Diapers

Do you realize that many new parents these days have no idea what cloth nappies even are? For them, the disposable variety is all that has ever been available and the thought of rewashing a nappy after it’s soiled is a living nightmare.

Item #10: First-Aid and Medical Supplies

Apart from the usual variety of band-aids, bandages and assorted items, the demand for over-the-counter prescriptions will also skyrocket. Common pain relief tablets are a great item to keep handy. Remember, the value of a product lies in the person needing the item. Headache anyone?

Item #11: Fuel

Photo of a person pouring fuel into a container

Although technically not really something you’d want to trade away, fuel is also a valuable item for bartering. It won’t take long for fuel stocks to run out, so if you can keep some handy, it might come in useful.

Item #12: Fishing Supplies

When the shops run out of food, there’s going to be no simpler way to find food than down at the beach, lake or river. Humans have been fishing for food for tens of thousands of years. There’s nothing simpler than dropping a line in and catching your next meal.

Item #13: Common Repair Items

The barter trade will be strong after a disaster, particularly if the disaster damaged homes. Repairing them will be at the forefront of most people’s minds and chasing the necessary supplies will put them front and center to your stored items.

Final Thoughts

This list of prepper bartering supplies is only a small glimpse of the barter items you could stockpile in order to give yourself valuable items to trade. As long as you aren’t the one that needs the items, they’ll replace the current currency very easily.

Just be sure to keep your wares a secret. Letting people know what you have, might mean painting a great big target on your back.