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11 Best Bags for Bug Out Bag Solutions

We live in a world of chaos, forcing more and more people to adopt a prepper lifestyle. But that’s a step in the right direction as more of us become less dependent on others for basic survival.

And with an improved knowledge base, many people choose to build their own equipment. That’s why I’ve put together this list of the best bags for bug out bag builders.

The only issue with trying to choose the right bag is that many of the online options provide very little confidence when trying to select one for your own purpose. Online shopping has made things easier when you know what you want, but what happens when the shopping experience also requires research?

Here’s 11 of my best bags for bug out bag builders for you to check out. They are in no particular order, so read through the list and see which is the most suitable for you. Just remember to really understand the finer details about your own needs.

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And don’t forget to keep your best friend in mind as well, with these bug out bags for dogs. Now, let’s check the best bug out bags to buy.

Options on how to choose the best bug out bags

Option #1: Orca Backpack

A good bug out bag should offer plenty of space in a well-thought-out pack. This option from Orca ticks all the boxes by providing a well-rounded package combining toughness, durability, comfort and design.

There’s a ton of space, with a number of separate compartments, side-straps for adding optional accessories and a compact design that won’t impede on your journey. Measuring just 20 inches in height, its 40L capacity provides a great use of space.

Option #2: Tactical Military Backpack

With 50L of storage capacity, this bug out bag backpack is a great option for the slightly taller people looking for one of the best bugs out bags to buy. It offers a 15-inch shoulder drop and combined with well-padded straps, makes this one of the most comfortable.

Made from an extremely durable heavy-duty nylon, this backpack resists abrasion and wear and tear to ensure it won’t let you down. There’s the addition of sternum straps to ensure a comfortable wear and significant impact reduction.

Option #3: Reebow Backpack

Reebow Gear has always made great gear, but this military-grade backpack is one of the finest examples of what an ultimate bug out bag looks like. There are a ton of features offered by this option, combining some significant benefits to any user purchasing this bag.

With a 40L capacity and standing 20-inches in height, this backpack has it all. Waterproof, durable, 600×600 density fabric for a tough finish and using the mole system for optional additions if needed.

Option #4: Molle Backpack

If compact is more your style, look no further than this sweet design. Measuring just 18-inches high and 11-inches wide, this 24L capacity backpack is one fine addition to your bug out plans.

Multiple compartments offer a great range of storage solutions, paired with comfortably-padded straps that adjust to suit any person. Add in the benefit of water-resistance and adjustable sternum strap and this backpack is good to go when you are.

Option #5: Ninja Tactical Day Pack

Another compact design, this one from SOG. The Ninja Tactical Day Pack is a very popular option for those looking for a reliable and hard-wearing bug out bag in a more compact design. The yoke-style adjustable padded shoulder straps are extremely comfortable on long hikes.

But with added adjustable sternum straps, a contoured foam back and several air channels for breathability and this backpack is suitable for a lot more than just a daily leisure hike.

The inclusion of Molle webbing means you have the added convenience of attaching accessories including hydration bladders. The overall design of this bug out bag is one that appeals to many applications and one of my top picks.

Option #6: Internal Frame Hiking Design Backpack

This Internal Frame Hiking Design backpack is a worthy inclusion based on its size alone. It offers a huge 65L capacity and a 30-inch length, this backpack may not have the same hard-wearing and durable military-grade construction, but it does offer a lightweight, water-resistant solution.

The lightweight polyester material is breathable, water repellent, and includes a rain cover. The straps are well-padded and comfortable and include molded channels for extra comfort and support. It’s a great bug out bag backpack and one I’d personally consider.

Option #7: ArmyCamo backpack

While a little on the more compact side of bug out bag options, this military-grade backpack is from Armycamo and one option worth including in your final decision. It offers a 30L capacity that feels larger, the many compartments offering plenty of storage options in a tear-resistant unit. 9-inches high and 11-inches wide, this backpack is comfortable with padded straps, water-resistance, and all-over comfort.

Option #8: 5.11 Tactical Rush24 Backpack

There’s a reason this backpack is one of 5.11’s most popular and on this list. It does everything it’s supposed to and more. This backpack will even show you things you didn’t even know you needed. With a 37L capacity and military styling, it’s time to take your bug out bag to the next level. The best bags for bug out usage are those that think of everything.

Self-repairable on-the-fly zippers, zipped side water bottle pocket, water-repellent coating, zippered and fleece-lined eyewear pocket, and Molle platform for additional accessories. When it comes to bug out bags, this is the one I want on my back.

Option #9: ArmyCamo Expandable Backpack

An Armycamo option, this backpack is a great alternative for those unsure of whether to buy a large bug out bag or a compact one. This is an expandable backpack, with a storage capacity range from 39L to 64L.

The bag uses 600 denier polyester so you know it’s durable and hard-wearing. Measuring 12-inches wide when fully extended, it only weighs 2.7 pounds when empty.

A number of clever compartments offer a myriad of storage solutions and a removable waist strap makes the pack suitable for those times you’re not readying yourself to bug out.

Option #10: Altatac Backpack

This Altatac backpack is another conventionally-designed bug out bag that fits the brief in every way. Using the Molle system to allow for extra accessories, the 34L capacity is sufficiently spaced out amongst a number of useful compartments.

At 18-inches high, it’s another design that fits in the compact category, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less usable. It’s a worthy contender for your needs.

Option #11: Sandpiper Bugout Backpack

For those looking for a bug out bag that doesn’t scream bug out bag, this option offers a design that’s best described as reserved. Whilst it may not appear as a military-grade tactical assault bag with all the bells and whistles, this bag from Sandpiper still provides a handy unit that does what it needs.

The bag uses aluminum back-stays and compression straps, as well as nicely padded shoulder straps and a comfortable waist belt. Made from durable and hard-wearing materials that offer an abrasion-resistant exterior.

Final thoughts

The best bags for bug out bag building are those that fit your needs in every way. While most of us have our own specific requirements, I’m positive you’ll find a worthwhile option in the above list. There’s quite a range to choose from and I think they are worth checking out.